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FertilityEHR, a division of Meditab Software Inc., was built from the ground-up by Fertility practitioners for Fertility practitioners to enable them to focus on the more important things: their practice and their patients.

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We continuously develop convenient and effective tools to simplify the process of clinical documentation, increase staff productivity, and provide real-time delivery of patient information throughout all areas of the clinic. FertilityEHR empowers practices to maintain an optimal workflow, offers the ability to automate operations, and ultimately increases revenue while meeting patient demands and delivering the best possible care.

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Our Customer Testimonials

HQA Fertility Centers

"FertilityEHR's greatest function is in the ease of use. FertilityEHR's attention to the detail within their program is second to none. They understand that that's what an EHR is supposed to do - simply make the clinic flow better."

HQA Fertility Centers (Mobile)

"FertilityEHR really has allowed us to let the patient's experience be on their schedule...they really enjoy the mobile app for that. And then the ART calendar in the mobile app, which allows our fertility patients to be able to see their dates, their medication dosages, and it's simple and easy to read."

SpringCreek Fertility

"At the end of the day, FertilityEHR was by far the most comprehensive and the most flexible and adaptable to our current practice...when you get FertilityEHR you don't just get a computer program, you get a partnership."

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We provide so much more than just EHR software. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything your practice needs to grow & thrive!